Soft Peeling

They allow the skin to rejuvenate thanks to a small flaking which is lightly irritating. They solve various skin problems such as oily skin, open pores, inhomogeneous skin.
Also, the tanning will be faster and more uniform.
We can do such treatments on the face, or on the body, mixed together or not with other products injections.

Medium Peelings

We apply on the skin a powerful exfoliate acid which will force the skin to flake so that it will be regenerated.
We use mostly trichloracetic acid at various concentrations, including some specific additives which control the depth of action on the skin.
It’s a treatment that cures the skin aging process by regenerating the texture of the old skin.
We adjust the intensity of the peeling based on the skin condition and color.

Deep Peelings

They are used to rebuild the deep dermis. They give a remarkable tension, and smooth the skin exceptionally well. Nevertheless they are used only for skins with heavy wrinkles, and impose a 15 days social retreat.
The face could have some redness for a few weeks, which can be easily corrected by using normal make up.