Loss of volume

The “tears valley” and the cheekbones are treated by injections of hyaluronic acid (1) and their volume is managed as necessary based on results needed.
The filling of the tears valley by hyaluronic acid highly polymerized allows giving back volume to the face, while reducing naturally the nosogenien furrow.

In the same time, we may slightly pump up the cheekbone. This will rejuvenate and cheer up the face. But we need to be careful not to over do it in order to avoid deformation of the face and profile.
To give back structure to the face we should get back the volume which existed a few years back, by a subtle remodeling of the cheek and the cheekbone.

=> Restoring the volume will also smooth the skin thanks to the stimulation of the dermis. The skin is rehydrated by the hyaluronic acid, and gets back brightness.
Results are optimum 2 weeks after the treatment.

Crumpled face

It is necessary to tone up the skin and the shallow skin tissues, by treatments with Flash Light (3) which stimulate the fibroblasts and create new collagen, and by Peelings (4) which cleanse the skin and can also rebuilt the deep dermis depending on the strength of the peelings which has been decided.
Finally Mesopeel (5) and / or Mesolift (6) treatments with hyaluronic acid not polymerized injections will remodel the tissues.

Bad Complexions

they are very much improved thanks to Flash Lamp treatments
which remove the spots, cure the rosacea, and uniform the skin
Soft Peelings (4) also uniform the tone and enlighten the skin.