It is necessary to pulp up the lips to remove small wrinkles and get back their initial volume from a younger time. We need to keep the existing shape of the lips so that the smile will look natural.
The outside corners of the lips need to be treated also since they have a tendency to move toward the inside of the mouth with time.
We use hyaluronic acid (1) which are very flexible treatments and remains very soft in this sensitive area.

Mouth surroundings

It is improved by the reinforcement of the upper lips floor thanks to hyaluronic acid (1) injections. The filling of small wrinkles is also done by very fine injections of hyaluronic acid.
But the preferred treatment for this area is the Deep Peeling (4), with nevertheless a risk of tone alteration, which is even riskier for darker complexions.

The bitterness furrows (plis d’amertume)

They are removed by hyaluronic acid injections (1) with more or less volume as per correction needed. They can be also slightly improved by the filling of the tears valley using hyaluronic acid at high volume capability.

nasogéniens furrows

Depending on the seriousness they can be corrected by direct injections of hyaluronic acid (1), or be improved by the filling of the tears valley, or the remodeling of the cheekbone using hyaluronic acid at high volume capability.

Face shape

The oval shape of the face is remodeled by combine
treatments by Flash Light (3) and hyaluronic acid (1) injections.