Is beauty what you like, or do you like what is beautiful?- Paul Valery

Beauty is an emotion, it’s to be attractive, it’s the charm, it’s to protect, it’s to remain in the wrap of childhood- Konrad Lorenz

As per national regulations, we will give you all information about aesthetic treatments done at this office.

Doctor Genevieve Doux provides various types of treatments that allow slowing down the skin aging effect, and getting back your natural charm.

We will present you a clear quotation including all treatments that will be proposed, and we will also ask you to read carefully and sign the documents explaining the pro’s and con’s of those medical interventions.

We emphasize the fact that we only use products of latest generation, provided by internationally recognized laboratories.

We don’t inject any animal products, or products coming from the Far East region.

Detailed pamphlets about products used are available in the office waiting room, or you may request them to our receptionist.

At the end of the treatment we will give you a personal report summarizing the various esthetic treatments performed at our medical office, together with the reliability stickers of the products used.

The various techniques proposed may be done successively one after the other.
Dr Genevieve DOUX will define with you what is the most suitable for you.