Engineered by three professionals

  • Aesthetic Surgeon, Pharmacist, and Aesthetic Doctor
  • our creams are adapted to each part of the body, and provide an exact treatment for each tissue in surface or in depth.

On top of the active products (pulping, firming, anti-cellulite), we added systematically plants and flowers extracts to avoid the use of several creams on the same time.

In summary, a cream line easy to use, with immediate results which should be included in all your rejuvenating or anti cellulite treatments: A major step in the rejuvenation and in the prevention of the aging process of any woman and man.

One cream for several actions:

  • No need for a special moisturizing cream, “Ligne D” creams include urea and fruits oils
  • No need for a special circulatory cream, “Ligne D” creams include blood tonics products.